Automating the painful things

Long repetitive processes are painful tasks for small business owners who only have so many hours in the day. Automating those processes, whether it be tracking inventory, adding up sales, or maintaining a list of customers, can greatly increase the amount of time to attend to the important things that help a business grow.

We develop custom solutions for small to medium businesses, that help those businesses do more work with the same amount of resources by automating those processes. By "we", I really mean me. I've been working with Microsoft products and solutions for the last five years on a consulting basis. Prior to that I worked as a traditional IT employee doing administration, database management, client computer management, installation scripting and website development.


  • Visual Studio
  • Asp.Net Web Forms
  • Asp.Net MVC, WebApi 2
  • Asp.Net Identity


  • Microsoft SQL
  • Azure SQL
  • Database Design
  • Database Management
  • Azure Storage


  • App Services
  • SSL Certificates
  • Domain Name Services
  • Application Insights
  • Key Management
  • Virtual Machines


  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • Git
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery