Srife LLC

Custom Solutions

We custom develop solutions for small to medium internet retailers on Amazon and eBay. By "we", I really mean me. I'm a one man (for the moment at least) consultant who has been working with Microsoft products and solutions for over twenty years, both on the IT/Administration side and on the development side. For the last few years I have been very involved with custom internal inventory management solutions that have connected to the Amazon MWS API, Amazon Product Advertising API, and the eBay Trading API for over five years.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Cloud Based Solutions

Lately the big push has been on cloud based solutions so several of my projects have moved to Azure SQL, Azure Web Sites and Azure Web Jobs. Although I have still worked on some traditional VB.NET desktop and console applications.

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft has been adding new products and services so quickly that it has been a challenge to keep up with all of them, but it’s fun trying. I have a number of new projects that are using the new cloud based technologies provided by Microsoft, and some that using the new Universal Applications that will run on both Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 Mobile.

Amazon Web Site

Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) API

Amazon is a great platform to sell products, but managing all the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep Amazon and your customers happy can be overwhelming. There are many details that must be accomplished and missing any other them can often result in your seller account taking a performance hit. Performance hits can, in turn, directly affect your sales.

There is a tremendous amount of data created and used as an Amazon seller. Order information, fulfillment orders, FBA inventory, listings, fulfillment shipments, settlement reports and feedback are just a few of the areas where you can download the data, and in some cases upload data. Working with the information on Amazon's Seller Central can be very tedious at times.

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